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Fulfill orders for top e-commerce brands from the comfort of home. Pack on your own schedule, and we'll handle the delivery.

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Packsmith | Earn when you want, right from home

What does it mean
to pack an order?

Packsmith's pack an order process - Claim an order

Claim an order

When there's a new order to pack, we'll notify you through the Packsmith app.

If you're busy when an order comes through, don't fret — you can always pass it to the next closest Packsmith.

Packsmith's pack an order process - Gather packing material
Packsmith's pack an order process - Pack it up

Pack it up

Scan and pack each item from your inventory with the packing material we've supplied you.

If a brand has any special instructions for packing, we'll let you know.

Packsmith's pack an order process - Gather packing material1

Hand it off

After you've completed an order, it's handed off to one of our delivery partners for final delivery to the customer.

Packsmith's your time illustration

It's your time.
Spend it how you like.

Pack in your spare time, or make it your main gig. Need a break? Take it. We built Packsmith to give people just like you the opportunity to earn without sacrificing the flexibility you need to prioritize yourself, your family, and your life.

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What does it take to be a Packsmith?

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Pass a simple
background check

We partner with Checkr to perform a background check for all Packsmiths in order to give our brand partners confidence that their product will be safe in your hands.

A little bit of
storage space

How much is up to you — we recommend a small bookshelf, but if you'd like to fill a room, we can make that happen. Just tell us how much space you're working with.

A clean
space to pack

You'll need a clean surface on which to pack, away from pets, children, and odors.

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What happens once
you've signed up?

We'll send you everything
you need

Once you've signed up, we'll deliver your welcome pack and starting inventory right to your door.

Packsmith's order notification

Start packing

We'll let you know when there's an order that's a good fit for you based on inventory and distance to the customer.

Get verified, unlock perks

Get verified,
unlock perks

Once you've completed 50 orders, you'll be able to take on customized orders and earn rewards (like samples and discounts) from the brands you work with.

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