Who knew going from A to B could be so complicated?

The logistics industry is full of problems that affect sellers, buyers, and the environment. We need to change the game.

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Today's logistics
aren't good enough

Traditional logistics providers store inventory in centralized locations, away from where your customers live, which means delivery is slow, expensive and inefficient.

Consumers are
demanding better

Super-fast shipping is becoming the standard, and your customers are noticing. Small brands can't meet the bar set by the biggest online retailers.

Over half (53%) of your total shipping costs come from the last mile of delivery

The world's getting faster, and it's leaving traditional logistics in the dust

Fast shipping is simply expected

80% of customers want same-day delivery. Slow delivery estimates result in abandoned carts and long waits mean few repeat customers.

Small business can't keep up

Without an established store network or Amazon-level volume, providing same-day service comes with a cost that just isn't realistic.

We don't need
more warehouses

Warehouses take up enormous amounts of space — space that can't be used for homes, parks, and communities.

How can we make that last mile shorter while keeping our cities and towns full of people, not distribution centers?

Packsmith Warehouse

Packing made personal

Swanbourne, WA Swanbourne, WA
Fitzroy, VIC Fitzroy, VIC
Paddington, QLD Paddington, QLD
Manly, NSW Manly, NSW

Bye, fulfillment center. Howdy, neighbor.

Our vision of fulfillment isn't sprawling warehouses replacing communities — it is communities. Our Packsmiths pack and ship right from their homes, closer to where orders need to be.


Your orders are shipped from the Packsmith closest to where your customers actually live, which means optimized pricing for you, and faster delivery times for your customers.


As our network of Packsmiths grows, the last mile of delivery get smaller and smaller, further decreasing delivery times and the environmental impact of each package.

Delivering a lighter,
brighter world

With Packsmith, your orders are fulfilled closer to their final delivery location, decreasing last mile delivery costs and the carbon footprint of every order, and speeding up delivery times for your customers. Everybody wins.

Packsmith can reduce overall carbon emissions by up to 50% vs traditional 3PL.

Have more questions? We've got you.

Have more questions? We've got you.

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