For brands

How do I become a Packsmith brand?

Thanks for your interest in Packsmith! Right now as we’re carefully onboarding new brands, the best thing to do is to register your interest via this form and we’ll be in touch.

What makes Packsmith better than other fulfilment platforms?

Packsmith offers intelligent, distributed fulfillment for growing e-commerce brands. This means that we place your inventory as close to your customers as possible, allowing for quicker delivery times and reduced last mile costs. Additionally, our handcrafted approach to fulfillment allows you to customise your packaging, providing an unboxing experience that matches your brand. We also give you unparalleled insight into your fulfillment and logistics, so you always know exactly how things are going.

Where are Packsmith’s fulfillment locations?

We currently have Packsmith fulfilment locations in Melbourne and are quickly expanding up the East Coast of Australia.

Which e-commerce platforms does Packsmith support?

Packsmith currently supports brands with stores selling on Shopify. We hope to expand to other e-commerce platforms from 2024.

How much does Packsmith’s software platform cost?

Packsmith’s software platform, which includes our real-time sales reports and order and sku-level insights, is completely free for brands. This allows you to connect the Packsmith app to your Shopify store and manage inventory, orders, fulfillment, shipments, forecasts, and more.

What does Packsmith’s flat rate fulfillment cost include?

Our flat-rate fulfillment cost includes picking the order, packing the order according to your specifications, and shipping the item to your customer.

What is the cost to have my brand’s inventory received by Packsmith?

There’s no cost involved with receiving your inventory. You’ll cover the cost of shipping inventory and packaging to our Packsmith warehouse and that’s it.

Do I need to send my inventory to multiple Packsmiths around Australia?

Nope! All you need to do is send your inventory to our centrally located warehouse and we’ll manage replenishment to our network of Packsmiths. All complexity is managed by us.

How do I know my brand’s inventory will be safe and secure?

We offer insurance and full liability coverage on all Packsmith brand inventory held in Packsmith locations. If anything happens, we’ve got you covered.

How can you guarantee accuracy of stock levels across the network?

Unlike traditional 3PLs, we accurately track all incoming and outgoing inventory at the unit level and then provide 100% transparency across all inventory movement to our brands. When inventory or packaging is running low, we’ll notify you straight away and let you know how much inventory needs to be restocked. Less stress, more sales and fewer operational issues for you!

Does Packsmith offer brands shipping boxes and packing supplies for free with fulfillments?

All Packsmith brands are offered unbranded compostable mailers and bubble mailers at a competitive rate. If you’d prefer to keep using your existing packaging or design new custom packaging, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Does Packsmith allow brands to use their own custom packaging?

Yes! While we can provide standard packaging all of our current brands have opted to use custom packaging for their orders. 55% of shoppers are more likely to return to a brand’s website if their order arrives in branded packaging, and it’s our mission to help support your continued success. If you don’t currently have your own packaging, we can work with one of our packaging partners design beautiful, sustainable packaging that matches your brand and keeps your customers coming back.

Which shipping carriers does Packsmith offer rates with?

We currently partner with Australia Post and offer discounted rates for domestic and international shipping, and we pass those savings on to you with our distributed fulfillment approach.

Does Packsmith offer fulfilment and shipping outside of Australia?

Yes! We are able to ship orders anywhere in the world. Please note that international orders incur an additional cost and do not fall within our flat rate per order fee structure.

Does Packsmith offer returns?

At this moment we ask that our brands handle return services directly, but we’re working on a solution to offer integrated returns services with the our product.

For Packsmiths

What does it mean to be a Packsmith?

As a Packsmith, you’ll package and fulfil orders for the leading e-commerce brands on our platform. We’ll provide you with inventory from our partnered brands and you’ll hold these items safely until they are ready to be fulfilled. When there’s an order that’s a good fit for you (ie. you’re holding the inventory and are close to the customer), we’ll assign that order to you for you to fulfil. A carrier will pick up your completed orders, or if you prefer you can drop them off at your local post office.

How long does it take to become a Packsmith?

Expressing interest to become a Packsmith takes just a few minutes. We ask you a few basic questions to make sure we’re a good fit, and if you are, we’ll complete a simple verification process. Once you’re verified we’ll send you a welcome kit along with your first inventory.

How much do Packsmiths make?

Packsmiths earn by fulfilling orders, which involves packing an order according to a brand’s instructions. Those orders are then picked up by a last mile carrier or dropped off at your local post office. Each order nets you $1-2 and most Packsmiths can pack 20-30 orders per hour.

Do I have to do Packsmith full time?

Only if you want to! Most Packsmiths work part time, and we expect most people to work anywhere anywhere from 2-4 hours per day, but your schedule is your own.

Do you have to buy inventory to become a Packsmith?

Nope! The inventory you hold belongs to our partner brands. Packsmiths do the storing and packing but they do not own any inventory or need to pay for it, ever.

What kind of products will I receive as a Packsmith?

We’ve launched with some great brands in skincare, beauty, wellness and jewellery but are quickly expanding the types of brands and products we support. If you know of someone who might benefit from using Packsmith, shoot us an email at

I live in an apartment — can I be a Packmith?

Currently, we don’t support Packsmiths living in apartment buildings and all of our Packsmiths must reside in a single-family home. We hope to enable more people to be Packsmiths soon though, so please sign up if you’re interested and we’ll be in touch!

What kind of space do I need to be a Packsmith?

To ensure a great experience for our brand’s customers, the space you devote to storing your Packsmith inventory must be free of smoke and other odours, and be away from pets and children. Aside from that, you can keep your inventory in whatever place makes sense for your home.

How much space is required for inventory?

It’s up to you. The more space you have available to store inventory, the more orders you can fulfil.

Am I liable for damage of inventory or packages?

All Packsmith inventory and packages are fully insured, managed and tracked. You must store inventory in a safe and secure place but if disaster strikes, we’ve got your back.

How do I become a verified Packsmith?

All you have to do is fill our our application form, and once we’ve confirmed we’re a good fit we’ll complete a simple background check.

How do I know the inventory is safe and I’m not doing anything illegal?

Packsmith is a BBB accredited business and we only partner with established, verified and approved brands already selling on Shopify. All products meet the strictest handling requirements and we do not handle weapons, drugs, alcohol, or any illegal or restricted items.

Do I have to deliver Packsmith orders?

Nope. As a Packsmith you fulfil orders, and then hand off your packed orders to one of our partner carriers, such as Australia Post. You can either drop off the packages to your local post office or schedule a pickup directly from your home.